How to get a better Google Reviews score

Reviews are a crucial part of a customer’s decision-making process. We all do it in our day to day lives when selecting a restaurant, takeaway or hairdresser for example. Reviews help customers decide which products and services to buy, and they are the deciding factor between competing choices.

Customers consider two things…

1. Review Score – the average number of stars all reviewers have given.

2. Count – the total number of reviews received.

The ideal for every business is to have a competitive reputation online. This changes from area to area, but generally, a review score of over 4.5 stars and a 500+ count gives customers enough comfort that you’re worth visiting.

Having a competitive review score is a massive boast for your business. It means new customers are finding you, trying you and if they’re happy, they’ll return and tell others about their great experience.

The better your review score, the more customers you will get. Harvard Business Review found a link between a business’s review score and revenue. Research indicated that increasing a business’s review score by just 1 star can increase revenue by 5-9%.

So, how do you get to a “competitive score” so you can benefit from this new revenue?

Organic Growth

Every business will attract reviews, even if you do nothing. But people that will leave reviews with encouragement are generally those you’ve elicited an emotional reaction from. These will be either really happy, or really annoyed.

The result is wholly dependent on you working really hard, for a long time to provide the best experience you can.

To support organic growth you should…

1. Encourage

Ask customers who have clearly had a good experience if they’d mind leaving you a review on Google. Just asking increasing the likelihood of reviews massively. Train your staff to do ask and incentivize them if you can.

2. Intercept

Ask customers who have clearly had a good experience if they’d mind leaving you a review on Google. Just asking increases the likelihood of reviews massively. Train your staff to ask and incentivize them if you can.

Accelerated Growth

If you want to get to that competitive score earlier in your business journey, or even repair a bad score, then you need to use a review accelerator.

Rokket Reviews uses the below system to get better reviews for businesses…

1. Encourage – Rokket Reviews provides a QR code which can be printed on receipts or cards and provided to customers to scan and provide feedback.

2. Incentivize – we recommend that you incentivize feedback through competitions. So, say something like “For your chance to win X, please provide us your feedback.” REALLY IMPORTANT – you are incentivizing all feedback, good and bad, as both are equally valuable to help improve your business.

3. Identify Sentiment – Rokket Reviews separates happy customers from unhappy customers through an NPS or CSAT question.

4. Get Positive Reviews – Happy customers are then directed to Google to provide an external review.

5. Capture Negative Feedback privately – Unhappy customers are directed to a private feedback capture page. These issues are then privately shared with you rather than being visible to the public.

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