What is the cancellation policy?

There is no minimum contract length, you simply need to provide 30 days notice by emailing cancel@rokket.reviews

Are their any other costs involved?

No, there are no hidden or other costs from Rokket.

You may have additional costs depending on how you choose to distribute your feedback link.

If you choose to make the QR code accessible to customers. The most cost effective way of using Rokket is to add the QR codes to you receipts and ensure you staff encourage customers to provide reviews. Alternatively your can print off stickers or business cards with the QR code on.

The most effective way is SMS. This usually has a small charge per text message attached depending on your SMS provider. Twilio for example usual charge around £0.04 per SMS.

How do we get the most reviews possible?

You need to offer incentives to customers. Offering a £50 voucher for example increasing the number of reviews drastically. Good or bad feedback is critical for your business, offering incentives ensure you get all (remember, unhappy customers reviews are shared privately with you only!).

How long does it take to improve my review score

Review scores will start to move upwards within weeks of using Rokket. A business with a score of 3.5 stars (100) could get to 4.4 stars (220) in 6 months and 4.6 (340) in 12 months. The speeds and sustainability of the review score is dependent on ensuring your staff encourage customers to provide feedback and you improve your business and eliminate customer pain points.

Can I customise the feedback screens?

Yes, we customise the screens using your logo, brand colours and common pain points for customers to select.